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Pendarren Court, Pendarren Road, Aberbeeg NP13 2DA   |   01495 325900

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Pendarren Court



Cwmnant ward and secure garden

Cwmnant ward and secure garden

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Surrounding area

Surrounding area

Cwmnant ward

Cwmnant ward



The Hospital

Pendarren Court Hospital has one twelve bedded low secure ward with the intention to develop further wards over time. Future beds and wards will be developed following consultation with commissioners in respect of where there is unmet need.

Care and Treatment

The hospital's multidisciplinary team has a wealth of clinical and research experience in forensic psychiatry and rehabilitation. Treatment is targeted toward safe patient recovery and re-settlement.

All therapeutic programmes have been designed to maximise the potential and enhance the quality of life of each individual person.

Our clinical services include:

  • Work-based and ADL practice to optimise functioning and improve quality of life
  • Specialist forensic cognitive behavioural therapy assessment and interventions
  • Co-productive Recovery Focussed Models of Care
  • The use of evidence based actuarial assessment tools e.g. HCR20/v3/START
  • Evidence-based interventions improving insight and relapse indicators/prevention
  • Enhance patient dignity and self-esteem
  • Social skills interventions: anger and anxiety management, improving assertiveness, stability in relationships
  • Comprehensive range of occupational and complementary therapies such as community skills training which aim to enhance patient dignity, self-esteem and functioning
  • Family support and psycho-education

Environment and Facilities

Cwmnant Ward is a purpose built caring environment designed with reference to the Standards for Low Secure Services: National Minimum Standards for General Adult Services in Psychiatric Intensive Care Wards (PICU) and Low Secure Environments (Department of Health 2002) and Standards for Low Secure Services (rcpsych 2012).

Our staff are qualified and experienced in the delivery of therapeutic activities including personal fitness training both indoor and outdoor; work based training; ADL skills; education; leisure; ICT; arts and crafts.

The Registered Manager, in accordance with the Care Standards Act 2000, is Paul Gregory, who can be contacted at:

Pendarren Court, Aberbeeg, NP13 2DA.

Pendarren Court, Pendarren Road, Aberbeeg NP13 2DA |  | 01495 325900