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About iMeUs





Why ‘iMeUs’?

We've called our company iMeUs because we want our staff and patients to promote a person-centred ethos within a therapeutic community comprising of patients and staff, and based on mutual respect.

Our Mission

To promote recovery through safe, supportive and secure environments.

Our Vision

To influence and improve the quality of private secure healthcare provision.

We believe that recovery is best achieved within an environment where a person feels safe and supported to achieve their personal goals and where opportunity to engage in meaningful activity is promoted. Furthermore we believe that a person’s motivation and ability to develop coping skills and take responsibility for themselves, is best encouraged within an environment that promotes measured autonomy and self direction.

Integral to our vision is to maintain a therapeutic community offering members increased autonomy, responsibility and social learning opportunities.

Our Values

Pendarren Court provides a safe, supportive and secure environment for the assessment and treatment of adults with mental disorder. The multi disciplinary team ensures the personal and psychological safety of the person, whilst monitoring their mental health and all aspects of their care.

Our ethos encourages wellbeing, access and inclusion for all, promoting a sense of community, autonomy, self responsibility and enhanced role development.

Our principles ensure that the fundamental basic rights of each individual to privacy, dignity, choice and respect are met. The therapeutic environment endeavours to empower patients and staff to manage any potential challenging behaviour in a positive and supportive way.

Drawing from the facets of the CHIME framework our philosophy encourages positive risk taking within the boundaries of appropriate relational, procedural and environmental security. As such we foster a continual learning culture where patients can develop goals and work toward their aspirations whilst ensuring the safety of both the individual and the public.

Pendarren Court is committed to providing the highest quality individual care and treatment. Whether care is governed by the Care Programme Approach (England) or the Mental Health Measure (Wales 2010), patients will be encouraged to develop and reflect upon their personal goals but also to acknowledge and engage with their prescribed treatment plans.

Our Core Team

Roger Thomas

Roger is Medical Director. Roger has many years of experience as a senior Forensic Consultant Psychiatrist within the South Wales Forensic Mental Health Service and Regional Secure Unit. Roger's principal role is to lead the Multi-disciplinary Team, to act as the Lead Responsible Clinician, and to oversee other iMeus psychiatrists and Approved Clinicians. Roger will also chair and review the output from iMeUs Quality Assurance Panel, which is primarily responsible for reviewing the quality of care and service. He also provides support and advice to the management team and board particularly in relation to clinical governance, best practice, quality assurance and partnership working.

Roger Thomas

Paul Gregory

Paul is Clinical Director. An accomplished healthcare practitioner and service development manager, Paul initiated and jointly developed a community-based residential care forensic service across South Wales recognised for their quality and positive outcomes. He is a Registered Occupational Therapist and an Approved Clinician within the meaning of the MHA (2007). He has over 20 years clinical experience within Forensic Mental Health Care, both within in-patient and community settings. He has particular interest in risk management, team development, and health informatics. Paul has overall responsibility for steering and promoting the iMeUs ethos and will be responsible for developing and maintaining the therapeutic community ethos that promotes individualised autonomy and recovery. Currently, Paul is also the Hospital Manager.

Paul Gregory

Keith Hayns

Keith is Operations Director.

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Pendarren Court, Pendarren Road, Aberbeeg NP13 2DA |  | 01495 325900